A Division of MQA

MQR was created to satisfy a growing demand for recruiting assistance specifically for high school quarterbacks.  Founded by top QB developer, Ken Mastrole, MQR reflects 30 years of playing the position all the way to the NFL and developing quarterbacks from age 10 to the pros.

The goal of MQR is simple – to help our HS clients secure offers to play college football from schools they specifically target.  We have four core objectives:

  1. Education – Understand the game of CFB recruiting;
  2. Targeting – The best fits in terms of programs to play CFB;
  3. Marketing – Effectively & systematically, to maximize awareness and showcase talents;
  4. Close the deal – By securing actionable offers.

Our service comprises two phases.  STRATEGY and IMPLEMENTATION.

During the Strategy phase, we will:

  • Teach you how the game of CFB is played with all its nuances;
  • Comprehensively assess your core competencies;
  • Determine the best fits. Programs where you can compete and which meet your needs;
  • Design a marketing strategy.

Some clients will stop after Phase One, preferring to implement their strategy on their own.  Many will move on the Phase Two, whose objectives are:

  • Develop the Student Athlete Profile;
  • Create Wow Game Film;
  • Contact Targets and present yourself;
  • Use visits & camps to increase awareness and showcase talent;
  • Use MQR connections to open doors.

For more information, please contact us.