What is QB School?

QB school is a 5-week program designed to build your knowledge of the game and how to train your mind as well as body to excel at game speed. Playing quarterback is the hardest position in all of sports but one of the most rewarding. The personalized zoom sessions will be with limited number of quarterbacks. Your understanding of the game, after this course, will help you play faster, increase confidence, and make better decisions at game time.

Details: 2 Programs

  • Next Generation (Youth) QB School
  • 8th-12th Grade QB’s Advanced QB School

Quarterback Curriculum:

  • Terminology
  • Coverages & Fronts- Recognizing, understanding strengths/weaknesses, & how to attack
  • Film Study- What college & NFL QB’s look for and what they wish they knew at your age
  • Situation football- 2 minute, 4 minute offense, redzone, green zone, down & distances.
  • Recruiting and Exposure- How do I get recruited? What camps should I go to?
  • Special Guest Players & Coaches- Current and former NFL & college
  • QB study packet (Providing coverage notes,
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Pre & Post Throwing Instruction (Arm Care, Increase Efficiency, Accuracy, Velocity)