Gardy O’Flynn
MS, MA Throwing Specialist for MQA
East Director of Tom House Sports
QB ProForm

Gardy played professional baseball for Tom House and has become Tom House Sports East director while developing pitchers and quarterbacks. Gardy’s specialty is understanding a quarterback’s throwing motion, kinematic sequencing, timing, and functional strength. Overseen by Boston children’s hospital and sports medicine injury prevention protocols. Gardy has developed numerous training protocols for arm care as well as increasing efficiency, accuracy, and velocity in quarterbacks. Coach Mastrole and coach O’Flynn started working together in 2016 when a high school quarterback George Bubrick was looking to increase his velocity and distance. Through MQA/QB ProForm arm speed training protocols George went from 47 yards to 62 yds in 9 weeks. George had only 2 lbs of weight gain and no increase in height. George went from backup to 2017 First Team All-State. Coach O’Flynn and Coach Mastrole with Tom House have worked together in several camps. QB ProForm/MQA now offer 1 & 2 day camps where quarterbacks will receive a comprehensive report on their functional strength, mental/emotional state, mechanics, and inefficiencies.