Ft Lauderdale QB Elite Camp July 21st & 22nd

Ft Lauderdale QB Elite Camp July 21st & 22nd

Mastrole Quarterback Academy will be hosting the 2nd annual Elite QB football camp July 21st & 22nd. Last year’s camp sold out with only a limited number of quarterback spaces. The 2 day camp focused on ball exit speed, football IQ, mental toughness, leadership, mechanics, and situational drills. Quarterbacks spent two days in a pre season preparation environment. Groups of 6 quarterbacks received the following

– Simulated Pro Day workout. Each quarterback threw the route tree and was filmed in HD as well as 900 frame per second teach tape. Quarterbacks then sat down and were able to review each route, drop, and situation to better understand their mechanics, personnel, and type of ball that should be thrown based on the route concept.

-Filmed interview and board session. MQA provided each quarterback with the experience and teaching through an interview process and how to improve their body language as well as public speaking. The interviews were filmed and each quarterback was required to learn plays and answer questions about football and character. Quarterbacks, in a private setting, received valuable instruction and advice to help them improve in all areas of speaking and body language.

-Football X’s & O’s. What better way to think outside the box then to sit down with former first round NFL pick and Notre Dame alumni quarterback Brady Quinn. Quinn took the quarterbacks through an NFL quarterback meeting. Breaking down film and teaching each quarterback how to better understand concepts, what to look for when watching film, pre and post snap tips, as well as situational mechanics.

-Throwing mechanics and arm speed. Coach Ken Mastrole and Gardy O’Flynn took each quarterback through an assessment phase. Testing ball exit speed, hip and shoulder separation, foot speed, football IQ, and mobility. The quarterbacks and their parents received a quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. The difference in this quarterback camp was each quarterback had their inefficiencies identified, isolated, and drilled to improve. Recognizing what you are doing wrong is one thing, understanding how to isolate and correct is the most important part about coaching and learning. understanding the “why” behind a drill and technique.

If you are looking for the ultimate 2 day quarterback elite camp there is no other place to look for the Summer. You are guaranteed to learn more in 2 days then you have ever learned at any other quarterback camp. MQA guarantees this based on our experience at the college and NFL level plus our science based background. Mastrole quarterback academy uses 3D motion principles and is backed by a medical review board.

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