Player Spotlight 2018 Western QB Harrison Story

Player Spotlight 2018 Western QB Harrison Story

Mastrole Quarterback Academy Player Spotlight
2018 Western Quarterback Harrison Story

MQA caught up with Western Wilcats QB Harrison Story who is considered one of the top quarterback prospects in Florida. Instrumental in leading Western back to the playoffs in 2016 Story has the the physical, mental, and leadership traits to guide a talented group in 2017 to a successful season.

QB comparison: Nick Mullens former Southern Mississippi and current San Fransisco 49er. Both similar in size, quick release, ability to find throwing lanes in pressure and maintain eyes downfield. Gritty quarterbacks that have the ability to move the chains past primary progressions and reads. Displays touch and understanding of ball quality related to the offensive personnel as well as game situation.

Q: Western Football had a turnaround year in 2016 and made it to the playoffs. You are returning a solid group of offensive skilled players as well as you personally coming off a very good year running and throwing. What steps have you personally as well as the team taken to have a successful 2017 football year?

A: Since January, we’ve been training together in the weight room and running hills.  Twice a month I train with MQA, and the receivers have their own training camps that they attend.  I have been setting up throwing and film sessions with our receivers 3-4 days a week continually working on our offense.

Q: Exposure and recruiting has picked up for you after the season. You’ve already received an offer and gaining heavy interest from coaches across the country. How has the process been overall and what have you learned from your experience with recruiting so far?

A: I was excited when I received my first offer. I was even more motivated but continued to stay focused on what needed to be accomplished this off season.  Being recognized is a great feeling, but there’s still more work to do.

 Q: You’ve been recognized as a gritty, team first, accountable quarterback who never allows the moment to get too big. What strengths do you feel you bring to a team in terms of physical and mental skill set?

A: My biggest mental strength is that I’m not afraid to fail.  My teammates know that I will do whatever it takes to win, and they see that in me.  Physically, I’m almost 15 pounds heavier this year due to my dedication to the gym and diet.  I feel stronger and faster.

Q: Enter year number two as the starting quarterback what lessons, experiences, successes, and mistakes have you taken away from year one in preparation for your Senior season? Can you give one example?

A: I’ve spent the last 6 months watching film.  I’ve gone over every game at least 10 times. I see mistakes that I didn’t know I made.  My coaches are great, and help me break down both sides of the ball.  Last year, I was a little unsure at times where to go with the ball in coverage and a new system. This made reads hard when defenses disguise what they’re going to do.  I would just take off and run after the second check.  This year, I’m going to spend more time preparing in the film room.  I plan on being smarter, and much more prepared.

Q: After Spring football what are your plans heading into the summer?

A: I’m going to sit down with my coaches and my parents to figure out which colleges would be the best fit for me.  I want to pursue a degree in business, and of course, I want to play for a great coaching staff.  We have 7 on 7 tournaments as well as team workouts during the summer so it will be a busy next two months heading into the season.