What College and NFL Coaches Are Looking For in Their Next Quarterback

Having the opportunity to travel the country and work with some of the best quarterbacks in the game at the high school, college, and NFL level has given me a better understanding of what makes these signal callers more successful then others.  Spending months preparing for the NFL Draft with EJ Manuel, Teddy Bridgewater, Brandon Allen (Arkansas), Jacoby Brissett (NC State), Brandon Doughty (Western Kentucky), Jeff Driskel (Louisiana Tech), and Jake Rudock (Michigan) has taught me as much about the mental makeup as it has the mechanics, inefficiencies, and kinematic sequencing of these athletes.  The preparation that goes into the position is almost unmatched to any other position in sports.  In a game where physical attributes are always the front runner when evaluating a football player the mental makeup will always be the mystery to what type of player the quarterback will become.  There has to be a balance in life with school (college/highschool), sports, family, and social life.  Too many quarterbacks concentrate on being social media magnets.  Trying to build their brand by being the quarterback rather then allowing their work and results on the field build the brand for them.  There is more pressure now then ever with high school recruiting and an increase in dollars across the board to compete at a high level each week.  I found the quarterbacks that are able to compartmentalize or control their emotions and their social media have been more successful then those that worry more about likes and followers.  Placing competition, the love of preparation, and success of the team above outside factors will take the fear of fitting in and pressure off the quarterback’s mind.  At the Mastrole Quarterback Academy we focus on the psychological side of the position as much as the X’s & O’s.  The ability to overcome the fear of failure while staying focused on what needs to be accomplished to take the next step

As a team and as an individual 

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