Super QB Model

The SQM is a proprietary tool on MQA. It serves as the foundation for all methodologies, measurements and ratings used by MQA. The SQM was developed by founder, Ken Mastrole with input from numerous college and NFL coaches, scouts and experts.

What is the SQM?

  1. SQM is a model, which defines the core competencies and characteristics associated with superior QB performance;
  2. It is based on detailed analysis of superior QBs and superior QB traits. These are not the same thing. For example, Phillip Rivers may have superior pocket mobility; but, not a superior release. The most successful QB of all, one might argue, is Joe Montana. And, yet, none of his core competencies were superior;
  3. The SQM is a measurement tool. MQA has created a unique set of measurement techniques by which any QB’s core competencies can be quantified. This means every student can be objectively measured and compared to others;
  4. The SQM and its core competencies form the basis for all MQA training. A database of drills, instructional videos and written material has been created for each core competency. These tools are used to increase competency performance;
  5. Each MQA instructor is certified in use of SQM tools;
  6. Super 7 & Yearly Member QB Students enrolled in our program are rated based on their SQM performance;
  7. College coaches utilize the SQM rating to evaluate playability. The SQM rating helps student develop interest at colleges they prefer.

SQM Core Competencies

Core competencies are broken down into 5 competency groups

  1. Body & Motion Mechanics
  2. Delivery Mechanics
  3. Ball Quality
  4. Decision-making Quality
  5. Leadership Quality.

Each core competency group has its own specific characteristics. For example, take Delivery Mechanics. In the area, we measure:

✓ Ball carriage
✓ Balance & Posture
✓ Separation
✓ Arm Angle
✓ Hip & Upper Body Rotation
✓ Alignment
✓ Eye Contact & Direction
✓ Stroke Path
✓ Footwork & Weight Transfer
✓ Release Speed.

Each of these characteristics affects the quality of the ball delivered. Together, they affect velocity, accuracy, touch and distance. Each can be measured. Each can be improved. A numerical rating of 1 to 10 is given for Delivery Mechanics.

The same logic is applied to each of the SQM’s five core competencies.

By using the SQM in all MQA programs, at all Tiers and with all students, we have developed a highly integrated process for the progressive development of QB competency, and, thereby, performance. Moreover, we can produce accelerated improvement, because students utilize common terminology and common developmental protocols.