Quarterbacks La Tech Jeff Driskel, Arkansas Brandon Allen, and NC State Jacoby Brissett working with QB coach Ken Mastrole for Senior Bowl Draft Prep 

Entering the week of the Resses Senior Bowl week.  8 of the country’s top senior quarterbacks are invited to take part and compete in the nation’s top college all star game.  This year NFL draft QB coach Ken Mastrole has turned his focus and attention to 3 invitees.  Jeff Driskel the gator transfer lead La Tech to an impressive senior senior performance.  Brandon Allen, considered one of the top quarterbacks this year in the SEC and country has also been working with Mastrole and has been sharp in his preparation.  Jacoby Brissett from NC State is the 3rd QB Mastrole is preparing.  The impressive ACC quarterback looks to impress scouts, GM’s, and coaches all week.  

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