Next Generation

Program specifically designed for the Next Generation of Signal Callers.

Next Generation Single Session Signup ($75)

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Next Generation 6 Session Signup ($390)

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Next Generation – Yearly Membership($1400)

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Yearly Membership ($125 monthly)

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Ages 10-13 (Beginner to Advanced)

Whether you are a beginner seeking an honest assessment or on the accelerated path to the high school ranks our Next Generation fundamentals and development program is designed for quarterbacks 10-13 years old.

For every young, aspiring, quarterback this is the critical time in developing the proper quarterback muscle memory.  They say you become an expert in your field after 10,000 hours.  What if your son spent half that time molding improper technique & mechanics?  MQA instructors are masters in developing the proper upper and lower body mechanics.  How do we accomplish this?

nextMonitor, Isolate, Develop, Link

  • We monitor, evaluate, and breakdown each quarterback
  • We then isolate the inconsistent and inefficient movements
  • Develop the correct movement through cutting edge, isolated movement drills in a way the athlete’s brain can process and react
  • Link the proper movements into sound mechanics in a variable speed settings.  This in turn develops muscle memory for game speed performance.

Field Training

  • Stance: Under center 1, 3, 5 step drop back/ Shotgun
  • Throwing mechanics: consistency, efficient, accurate, and powerful
  • Footwork:  Pocket presence, increased foot speed, and balance
  • Ball Quality: We refer to this as understanding the type of pass.  Deep ball mechanics, intermediate touch, or quick game
  • Run Game/Play-action/Sprint-out: Run game mechanics, footwork, ball security.  From how to take a snap to where your off hand should be located.  Throwing outside the pocket to the play action fake.

Film Study

An accelerated learning center

The opportunity to learn both sides of the ball from basic X’s & O’s to breaking down high school offensive plays and concepts to reviewing video analysis of each quarterback filmed earlier in the session.  Our proven system, the SuperQB manual, allows our Next Generation quarterbacks the most advanced curriculum in today’s quarterback development.

Leadership & Responsibility

We are not just constructing sound fundamentals and mechanics in each one of our quarterbacks.  We are developing tomorrows leaders.  Your son will be more confident quarterback with the understanding of his role as a leader and catalyst for his team.  From how to handle success to adversity our mental development training is unmatched.