High School

Ken Mastrole Coaching Vanderbilt QB Wade Freebeck[/caption]

  • More then 50 MQA quarterbacks have moved on to play collegiate football

  • Over 7.5 Million dollars awarded in scholarship money

  • 1 HS National Champion, 5 State Champions, Elite 11 MVP, Under Armour AA

High School Single Session ($75)

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High School 6 Sessions ($390)

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High School – Yearly Membership ($1400)

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Yearly Membership ($125 monthly)

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2013-01-01 11.30.05Designed to accelerate the mechanical, fundamental, and mental development of HS QBs with the potential to be a Varsity starting QB &/Or prepare for an opportunity to play at the collegiate level.
The program focus is designed to identify and measure core competencies. By measuring these characteristics in each individual quarterback, this creates the roadmap to developing the Super QB.

Session Logistics

  • HS sessions occur 2x each month on Sundays
  • 1.75-2 hour sessions
  • There are a limited number of students that may attend
  • Weekend clinics are not open for walk ups.
  • New clients must contact MQA prior to attending their first quarterback training and development session. An evaluation will take place to enroll in the academy
  • We offer a 1:8 instructor to student ratio. Generally, there are up to 3 training stations.

Film sessions; teaching next level X’s & O’s

Session Content

  1. Semi-annual Evaluations & Recommendations of Each Student;
  2. Field Training and Coaching on Super QB Competencies – individualized within small groups; (Mechanics, Ball Quality, Foot Speed, Vision Training, Balance, etc)
  3. Classroom Instruction and Film Study focusing on MQA Coverage Maps, Pre & Post snap keys, Pre & Post snap reads;
  4. Semi-annual Testing on coverages, keys, reads, etc.
  5. Individual self-development programs (training between sessions);
  6. Comprehensive Super QB manual (Offered to our YEARLY TRAINING MEMBERS)

As noted, the Super Quarterback Model is the basis for all curriculum.


  1. Greatly accelerated development in Super QB competencies
  2. Coaching in Leadership & Decision-making;
  3. Eligibility for Our SUPER 7 PROGRAM as well as College Recruiting Exposure;
  4. Eligibility to participate in the MQA College Placement Program

Investment Option

✓ Annual Package- Best value for the South Florida residents
✓ Quarterly Pricing – 6 session package offering evaluations & progress reports
✓ Monthly Pricing- In and Off Season Private & Group development program
✓ Single Group Session- 1 Group Session
✓ No refunds. Quarterback quarterly and Individual group will receive a credit.

Summary – the HS program is designed to provide students and parents with an opportunity to greatly accelerate the achievement of individual potential. The principal advantage is the increased level of instructor attention, individualized attention, and correct REPS in mechanics/fundamentals. The result is a faster, much faster, realization of potential.