QB Training

We are highly specialized mechanics, fundamentals, and mental development driven.  We are NOT building systematic robots.  The ability to be a system quarterback who can thrive and improvise in high-speed chaotic environments.  Building brick by brick decision making game changers who can quiet the storm and thrive in the most adverse situations.

Our advanced quarterback training curriculum is tailored to each specific quarterback’s needs.  From beginner to the pro, our personalized training program highlights your strengths and develops your weaknesses.  Quarterback coaches across the country have called on us to implement the same drills and techniques that has provided direct results for our clients.

QB’s Javan Shashaty (Liberty) & Jake Rudock (Iowa)

No Fear of Failure……We provide the essential building blocks for success

Field Training

– Year round.  We offer training for the Next Generation of signal callers, beginning high school to advance, College Spring/Summer development, and NFL draft prep.
Mechanics, footwork, video analysis for every throw and movement.  Vision & Information Processing techniques to enhance each quarterbacks progression and reads.  Game speed learning environments.

Classroom/Film Study

– Our access to High School, College, and NFL Films allow us to take each level of athlete step by step through coverages, game speed technique, decision making, and defensive tendencies.  Trusting your preparation allows your mind and body to execute at the highest level

Beach Training

– Balance, Footwork, Core, and Cardio.  Trusting your instincts as you develop a sense of body control during constant changes in your surroundings.  Our unique training environment aids in the formula for building the Super QB.


– Going above and beyond the call of duty.  Our passion and love for the game is what separates us from the rest.  We are with you every step of the way.  From game tape review to weekly follow ups.  Our team is dedicated to pushing you beyond your limits.  Leadership, Passion, and Dedication are engrained in our coaching philosophy.  Beyond the X’s & O’s developing a strong mind and body defines the quarterback position.