Our Promise

Our PromiseWe make four promises to students, parents and coaches, who commit fully to the MQA process:

  1. CANDID, UP FRONT EVALUATION: of current capabilities and long range potential. The Super QB methodology enables us to keep this promise;
  2. SPECIFIC IMPROVEMENT TARGETS: based on objective measurements. We will provide training regimens and drills based on these targets;
  3. REGULAR MEASUREMENTS: plus instructor assessments of student progress/ potential;
  4. COLLEGE MARKETING & EXPOSURE: We will facilitate introductions and provide counsel regarding high school and college recruitment, placement and scholarship opportunities. Our track record for producing high level QB’s and trusted evaluations has built relationships with college coaches at every level and conference.

As you try to decide among the ever-increasing number of QB schools, we suggest focusing on two areas:

Ken Mastrole coaching Auburn QB & Elite 11 Winner Sean White

Ken Mastrole coaching Auburn QB & Elite 11 Winner Sean White

➢ Does the MQA methodology make sense? Do the Super QB model and the core competencies make sense? How important is it that potential and progress can be measured objectively? Do the measurements and training techniques really exist to accelerate development?

➢ Has the MQA program produced results? Are HS QBs, who commit to the MQA program, achieving their goals in terms of becoming Varsity starters and receiving college offers? Are NFL draft prospects achieving the results they hope for?