Michigan’s Rudock and Darmouth’s Williams; 2 Quarterbacks That Will Prove NFL Teams Wrong

Snubbed by the NFL combine Michigan’s Quarterback Jake Rudock and Darmouth’s Dalyn Williams will land on NFL rosters through the draft or priority free agents and prove why they were overlooked based on measurables.  The NFL has become more about physical domination and with no question many if not most of the positions require a base line for speed and measurements.  But the quarterback position is like no other in sports.  The most important qualities cannot be measured with a scale, a stopwatch, a tape measure, or the human eye. Grit, leadership, competitiveness, decision making, and determination are all the missing pieces to a winning quarterback.  Rudock and Williams have all of the above.  The big arm, big frame, and potential can pay dividends if the quarterback has the mental makeup for an NFL life.  If he’s missing more then one characteristic the coaches could risk the success of the team and their jobs.  Rudock and Willims have both been training in Boca Raton, Florida with Ken Mastrole and Tony Villani of XPE Sports.  Mastrole has had the opportunity to work with Rudock since sophomore year of high school and has been around some of the best to play the game.  Mastrole believes Rudock in the right system and given the chance will be on an NFL roster for 8-10 years.  Look at the numbers and the wins.   Better yet ask his teammates and coaches.  They will tell you.  He’s everything you want in a quarterback.  One that will make it at the NFL level.  

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