“I selected Ken Mastrole to be my pre draft coach coming out of the University of Georgia. His velocity throwing program combined with interview preparation and personal attention 6 days a week was key in my University of Georgia Pro Day and the Washington Redskins signing me to an NFL contract”

Hutson Mason
Quarterback University of Georgia & Washington Redskin

“We started with Ken Mastrole Cam’s freshman year of high school. The commitment in traveling to Florida was life changing for Cam. The change in his throwing mechanics, arm speed, balance, and posture were extraordinary. Ken’s complete training protocol developed Cam into one of Indiana’s top quarterbacks his Junior and Senior year as well as landing him an offer to play for Harvard”

Kevin Bohn
father of QB Camden Bohn Penn HS Indiana

“I’ve been working with Ken Mastrole getting ready for the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and
my Pro Day. His pre NFL draft training program prepared me to compete at the highest level during all three phases from field training, X’s & O’s, how to learn an NFL offense, and the interview process with NFL personnel.”

EJ Manuel Former Florida State Quarterback Selected 1st Rd of the 2013 NFL Draft
(#16 overall) by the Buffalo Bills.

“I have coached and personally worked with Ken Mastrole at the professional level and his work ethic and attention to detail is why he has become such a good teacher.”The QB position is a unique one and the fundamentals and mechanics required at the ground level are the cornerstone of his instruction.

“He understands that championship caliber play at the QB position starts at the feet and works up from there. Most importantly he understands the inherent value to the mental side of the game from the neck up.”

Director of Recruiting, ESPN Scouts, Inc.


“First, I have been nothing but impressed by the growth and development Andrew has enjoyed under your tutelage. Thanks to you, he is quickly developing from an athlete who plays QB to an true dual threat prospect. While he has been considered a D1 prospect since his freshman year as a baseball player, his dream is to play college football – no matter what level. You have given him the tools to pursue that dream. And in 4 years, hopefully Carson is able to improve his technique, fundamentals, and knowledge of the game enough to play at the next level.”

Coach John Hughes
Head Coach Key West High School

“Coach Mastrole has been an incredible mentor and coach from when I first started training with him at St. Thomas Aquinas to Houston. His mental preparation combined with an understanding on how to break down upper and lower body mechanics is why he has produced so many successful quarterbacks. I would not want to work with anyone else.”

John O’Korn
Former St. Thomas Aquinas State Champion & Current Houston All Conference QB


Being from the north up here in South Bend, Indiana it was great finding a quarterback coach like yourself. With my son being an 8th grader I was looking for someone not only with the knowledge and experience at the quarterback position (which you definitely have), but also the ability to relate to someone at this age. You and my son Dylan seemed to form a bond almost immediately and we liked your positive approach to teaching the position. He made tremendous gains in his throwing mechanics and footwork. I believe our time together will greatly benefit Dylan in his endeavor to be the best quarterback and young man he can be. Thanks again, we will be back soon.”

Marty Scott

“Ken Mastrole is one of those special people who is a master at transferring his knowledge of QB play to his students. Since beginning to work with Ken, my son, Geoff, has improved his game considerably…not only the physical fundamental aspect of QB play but also with the proper mindset of a QB. Having been a college QB myself, I know something of what it takes to play the position. Ken Mastrole has that special skill of bringing the best out of the QBs in his tutelage. Ken is not in a rush to complete a session. He will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal for the day. I only wish I had found Ken Mastrole sooner than I did. Ken wants the best for each of his QBs and will go above and beyond the call of duty to help however he can. Thanks Ken. With your help, Geoff will realize the goal of playing QB at the next level.”

JOHN BANGLEY AD of Celebration High School

“Having been around camps and combines for over 30 years, see some of the best perform, I have had the opportunity to watch a lot of instructors teach the sport of football. To me, there are very few who take the time to teach the way Ken Mastrole does. His experience as a player and as a coach certainly comes through in his approach to the game. At a time when there isn’t enough emphasis on doing things the right way, he has the formula for success at his camps and as a private instructor.”

Recruiting Analyst, Writer for Miami Herald & S. Florida High School Sports

“High school quarterbacks throughout South Florida can improve all aspects of their game with the Mastrole Passing Academy. Coach Mastrole’s experience playing and coaching the quarterback position is why my son Ivan Rosales who is the quarterback at Ronald Reagan/Doral Sr. High attends Mastrole Passing Academy. Coach Mastrole’s training sessions have a small quarterback to coach ratio, which allows for more reps and coaching to take place. As a high school football coach I know that our time coaching individual positions during practice is limited and sometimes quarterbacks don’t get enough time to work on the fundamentals. My son, Ivan has made great progress since he started working out with coach Mastrole; he has improved his pocket presence, footwork and defense recognition. A quarterback’s footwork is extremely important and the ladder has improved his accuracy. I strongly recommend Mastrole Passing Academy as it has made a significant impact in my son’s performance on the field.”

Assistant Football Coach
Ronald Reagan/Doral Sr. High

“I am the Quarterbacks Coach and Passing Coordinator at Clay High School near Jacksonville Florida. My son is a freshman Quarterback. His 4 hour private workout with Coach Mastrole was extremely beneficial to his development and progression as a Quarterback. It was detailed and sound analysis of every aspect of his throwing motion and body position, including video analysis. As a Coach, I can tell you, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my son”

Coach Tom George
Clay High School Jacksonville, FL