Q: How Much Do Camps Cost
A: MQA offers different programs and the investments differ from each

Facts Group Programs Individual Programs
Students 16-24 One-to-One
Frequency Two per Month in each Florida Location Activities scheduled all month long. One “on the field” + One classroom session per week + individual training
Instructors 3+ depending on QB’s (1:8 Ratio) One-to-One
Location Local football field Local football field
Duration 1.75-2 hr/Session (field instruction + Film study) 1.75-2 hr/session (Field instruction + Film study)
Investment $390/6 session Quarterly Package $300-$750 individual private training programs

We encourage all parents to speak with us directly if one of the standard programs do not work from a timing or investment standpoint.  We will do our best to enable your son to participate in a way that makes sense for all.

IMG_7822Q: What Happens if my son cannot attend a session?
A: If your son is involved in an individual program, his instructor will work closely with you to ensure a mutually practical schedule.  If your son is a yearly member and misses the session other then an injury or sickness the sessions do not roll over.  If you have purchased our quarterly package of sessions, the package is good for up to six months from the date of purchase.

Q: Can you really help guide us through the recruiting process and provide exposure for our son?
A:  Absolutely.  Not only guide but open doors as well.  Navigating through college recruiting can be time consuming, confusing, and filled with false hope and promises.  We, first and foremost, will be transparent and honest in our evaluation and direction on how to become more marketable as well as efficient while mapping out which school/conference/division is the best match.  We have relationships with many college coaches, because MQA students have played in their programs over the years.  It would be extremely rare if we could not get a coach’s ear and find out what the opportunities are.  After all, these coaches want us to send them QB’s in the future.  We are ideally positioned to evaluate how well your son will fit into a specific program and what his competition will be.  More importantly, we are interested to help.  The more MQA students, who achieve success, the more students will be interested in us in the future.

Q: Will you really be honest with us about our son’s potential?
A: Again, Absolutely.  You have our word.  Why? Because it’s honest and it is good business.  If we accept a client’s time and money then we fail to meet expectations, we lose credibility.  By measuring your son objectively against our QB Dozen competencies, we can show you how he stacks up and project his probability of playing at various levels.

Q: What exactly are Small Group Sessions & Camps :
A: Yearly Training South Florida Camps- Our year round training is offered in Ft Lauderdale & Naples/Estero.  Twice a month in each location our 2 hour quarterback clinics are tailored to in and off season training.  Fundamentals, mechanics, footwork, and film study X’s & O’s are the basic building blocks provided for each quarterback.  Youth (Next Generation), High School, High School Advanced, and Super 7 are programs provided to quarterbacks that are evaluated by the Mastrole Quarterback Academy staff.

Super 7 Camps- Super 7 regional camps are teaching and exposure camps for high school quarterbacks.  Providing the most innovative and advanced fundamentals, mechanics, and mental training for the serious quarterback.  Intense and personalized training offers quarterbacks professional instruction that has proven results for starting varsity qb’s, Elite 11 winner, NFL 1st round selections, and college scholarship quarterbacks.

Summer/Winter Showcase- South Florida competition camps.
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Q: What are your Refunds/Cancellations Policy:
A: Individual and group package sessions are valid for 6 months after the date of purchase.  After 6 months the single group sessions and the (6) quarterly sessions expire.  The yearly training package sessions due not carry over if an athlete misses the sessions due to any other reason then an injury or illness.  Parents that enroll their son’s in the yearly training package are making a 12 month commitment and agree not to cancel the auto payment service until the package is fulfilled.  This is due to the discounts, video analysis, camp, and progress reports provided as extra time invested by the MQA coaching staff.  Sessions purchased cannot be redeemed for money.

Q: What if the small group clinic or camp is cancelled due to weather?

A: The session will be rescheduled and you will be notified of the near future date.

Q: What are your Minimum Age Requirements?

A: The minimum age is 10 years old.  New clients are required to go through an evaluation with an MQA certified instructor before joining the academy.  The MQA staff will provide an evaluation and discuss the best training options and programs for the student athlete.