College Recruiting and the Importance of a Quarterback’s Highlight Film

The saying “the eye in the sky doesn’t lie” holds true in any sport and especially the quarterback position.  There are thousands of high school quarterbacks applying for many of the same positions and the opportunity to continue their careers at the collegiate level.  Understanding the structure and sequencing of a highlight film is key.  You have 8-10 plays to catch the eye of a coordinator or area recruiting coach before he is on to the next QB’s link on his computer.  One of the biggest “Do Not” for a quarterback looking to gain ground on exposure is to place a circle, highlight, or identify himself before the snap. The coaches know where the QB is on the field and it takes precious time away from your opportunity to be on their short list of prospects. There are other keys Mastrole Quarterback Academy educates their quarterbacks on in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting.  

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