NFL Draft Prep

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Ken Mastrole and EJ Manual preparing for 2013 Senior Bowl

Your one shot from from the end of the collegiate season to the NFL Draft. To be the most prepared and compete at the highest level you will want the most organized, detailed, personalized, & direct results program.

  • 3 NFL Draft Picks in 2013 & 2014

  • 2013- 1st Rd No. 16th pick overall & 1st quarterback selected

  • 2014- 1st Rd No. 32nd pick overall

4 Phase NFL Draft Prep Training
Structured……Detailed…… Direct RESULTS


Ken Mastrole with Clemson QB Tajh Boyd after Pro Day

The most difficult transitions for quarterbacks from college to the NFL is:

  • 3, 5, 7 step drops related to timing and route combinations
  • Playbook verbiage & philosophy. How to learn NOT MEMORIZE a playbook
  • West Coast, Pro, Spread Philosophies.
  • Protections & Coverage Combinations

You will be the most prepared quarterback from the All Star Game, NFL Combine, Team Interviews, and your coordinated Pro Day

All Star Bowl Game Preparation (Phase 1)

  • Analyzing NFL playbook (Philosophies, Routes, Cadence, Protections, Coverages)
  • Bowl game structure. Ken Mastrole has spent the last 2 years at Senior Bowl week detailing schedule, how to prepare, practice schedule, interview process, and what to expect.
  • Interview process preparation.

NFL Combine (Phase 2)

  • Training preparation for routes, drops, and the sequence
  • Preparing for evaluations, workouts, media, & team interviews

Pro Day (Phase 3)

  • This is your opportunity, in a public setting, to showcase your strengths in a controlled environment.
  • Coach Mastrole will travel 4-5 days in advance for rehearsal and the scripting of your personal throwing workout. All of the thinking and coordination will be taken out of the equation so that you are in rhythm and at your best.
  • The Pro Day consists of 60-80 throws displaying accuracy, arm strength, timing, movement skills, and other dynamic traits NFL GM’s, Scouts, & Coaches are looking for to fit their team & system.
  • Carolina Panthers Media Stated “Clemson QB Tajh Boyd had the most organized, structured, and crisp Pro Day they have seen.”

Private NFL Workouts & Visits (Phase 4)

  • Providing lifting & throwing workouts. In 2014 Coach Mastrole coordinated 5 Private NFL workouts for 1st Rd pick QB Teddy Bridgewater.
  • Monitoring pitch counts and workouts through high speed video recording & analysis

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Senior Bowl Mobile Alabama

Senior Bowl Mobile Alabama