Arkansas Razorbacks QB Brandon Allen’s Pro Day with QB coach Ken Mastrole

 Scripted 54 throws tomorrow for the top QBR rated quarterback in Division I Brandon Allen. It has been a grind since Brandon came to Florida 2 days after leading the Razorbacks to a win versus Kansas State in their bowl game.  Our focus has been take what he does well and amplify it.  What stood out most to me about Brandon is how he is programmed mentally.  He loves to compete.  There is never a moment where the stage is to big.  He always keeps his emotions in check and plays the next play.  His knowledge of the game and the nuances of the position are impressive.  He is undoubtedly a quick twitch QB that can make pin point throws required at the NFL level. Our focus was to increase arm speed, rotational force, foot speed, and reduce the amount of lost energy in some of his upper and lower body mechanics.  He’s throwing the ball 4 miles and hour faster then he started and his release times have improved by .02 seconds.  Interview prep and preparing him for a pro work day has been the other focus points in the last 9 weeks.  From one of the top performers at the Senior Bowl to a strong showing at the NFL combine  in Indianpolis, Brandon Allen has continued to climb the draft boards.  Tomorrow is the last step in the process and I am looking forward to helping orchestrate his final college masterpiece.  Mastrole Quarterback Academy specializes in the development of youth, high school, college, and NFL draft prep quarterback development.   Focusing on the mental development as well as kinematic sequencing and building efficient mechanics.  Based in Florida, MQA offers year round training in group and private settings.  


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